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Homeless/At-Risk Youth

Homeless Youth Outreach Las Vegas

Positively interacting with the homeless/at-risk youth teaches our youth about the everyday struggles some of their peers or other youth in the community are faced with. We teach them not to bully because they don’t know what their situation is and to be more understanding and open minded.

Expose + Educate = Prevent


Our Education Program addresses real-life situations. Our goal is to educate our youth through forums and field trips about issues they should be aware of. By exposing our youth to the realities, we are making them aware, helping them to make better choices and possibly help another peer in need.


Amazing and such a blessing to have all the support and participation to get this project off the ground. Vegas Youth Ambassadors collectively have lead over 553 hrs of community outreach so far and still counting!!! BLESSED AND THANK YOU ALL!
Nevada Partnership for Homeless YouthNevada Partnership for Homeless Youth
Wow our kids had an eye-wide opening experience when they learned that kids their ages are homeless! Something they wont forget and the expressions on their faces when realizing thats a reality here in their own community.
Dream CenterDream Center
It was some of our teams first time feeding the homeless but they pulled together and had fun serving others less fortunate! They even brought friends to participate! It was a blessing to see the children be so selfless.
Gary AndrewGary AndrewWorld Roc
“All of us at World Roc are so excited to be apart of this program. Our vision includes not only helping children in Sri Lanka, but also helping to spread awareness and education on children advocacy and world affairs to the U.S. as well. Students who visit Sri Lanka will see and experience a corner of the world unlike anything they’ve seen before, and their education about history, culture, ecology, and zoology will come alive as they walk through the complicated yet beautiful world of Sri Lanka”
Marquis 9yrs oldMarquis 9yrs old
I feel sad because I am happy that I don’t have to live like that! Some of the kids didn’t even have shoes on the hot cement and a 6 or 7yr old running the streets with no parent around..
Thank you so much! I had a rough 24 hrs and what we did tonight put things into perspective and I appreciate that!
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Our Youth made over 200 bags of sandwiches and chips! We handed them out at the campsites where the homeless sleep! Our 12 year girl says. "Wow I am even more thankful for the life I have. I value it more!"
Our kids realized some kids have no choice between the luxury of choosing their food. It's either eat what ever they can get ahold of or starve! Good lesson for the day with the Boys and Girls Club. Choice of food is a luxury!
Morgan 12 Years OldMorgan 12 Years Old
I have learned to be thankful for what I have because what I have seen has opened my eyes wider! I see these kids and I think of how they may feel to not know something different as they have probably grown up with so little and struggling just to eat!