Mission Statement

Mentor, Strengthen And Empower Our Youth To Be Leaders And Make A Difference In The World Through Community Outreach

Lets teach our students to be leaders amongst their fellow peers and their community. Educate, empower, and humble them, uniting them. Instill the value of the opportunities they have here in America. That we as a nation are blessed! Vegas Youth Ambassadors has amazing programs that will leave imprints in the lives of our community along with those across the globe. Please join us on this miraculous journey and see the impacts that follow.

Open Volunteer

Our goal is to teach the community how to get involved and care for the lives of others strengthening our community. All are welcome to join our group to volunteer and all are encouraged to look into our supporting organizations that support our community. We would love your support. Stand together and we will continue to grow and excel. If you wish to join our Ambassador Team on any of our outreaches please contact us and we will make it possible.