Meredith Grieger

Meredith is a physical therapist with experience in orthopedics, sports medicine, and neurology. In the past years, she has worked with diverse populations with Medical College. She is also is a board certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Meredith actively participates in outreach to the community through the GOTO foundation (Giving Out Teenagers Opportunity). She participated in a 5K run to raise money for Cancer research, Circe de Soile’s One Drop foundation and Challenged athletes of America . She also proposed the current relationship of volunteering services at local MMA gyms for uninsured athletes. While in Atlanta, a multitude of diagnosis. Her career has provided an outlet to give quality care to those in need. Meredith has a Masters in Physical Therapy from New York, GA, she volunteered in fund raising for cancer awareness at Sugarloaf Country club for Volley feast and educational awareness through health fairs. Meredith lives in Las Vegas. When not working, Meredith likes to workout, hike, scuba dive, and play softball. She is passionate about the development of youth programs.

Her Dad is her hero who has inspired through example to never let a kid feel left behind, alone or unimportant. Her passion is to be like her Dad. Meredith is our Secretary.